Sizing Kit

Sizing Kit

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All kits include blank nails in all sizes of the particular shape and length you choose. There is no color or art on them. Each nail is clearly numbered for convenience. No need to measure!

Sizing Measurement Instructions 

  • Match each nail to your finger, ensure it fits comfortably and reaches sidewall to sidewall.
  • Write down your sizes for each nail and email to It is the buyer’s responsibility for correct sizing.
  • Please note, some shapes vary in size, please purchase a nail set in the same shape as your nail sizing kit. 

If you prefer not to purchase a sizing kit you can also measure by following these instructions:

  • Stick a small piece of tape across the width of your nail.
  • Using a pen mark the widest part of your nail on the piece of tape.
  • Remove the tape and measure the two marks with a ruler in millimeters.
  • Write down your measurements and email to The buyer is responsible for the correct sizing.